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Wizard Rock: Music about Harry Potter and so much more. Fuck yeah! It's Wizard Rock!
Mar 28 '14

Adam. Dubberly. is making. new. wizard rock. [X]


Adam. Dubberly. is making. new. wizard rock. [X]

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Mar 27 '14

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Mar 15 '14


This week, we started a fundraiser for this summer’s tour. We’ve partnered up with Out of Print Clothing for something that I think a lot of our fans are going to absolutely love.

Use the code WIZARDROCK when checking out and

  1. You will get FREE SHIPPING
  2. Tour will receive 30% of whatever you buy!
  3. A book will be donated to Books for Africa

We decided to partner with Out of Print because they make clothing, accessories, and jewelry exclusively about the books we love, and we’re fans ourselves! So, help us get the chance to spend another on the road seeing you, and get cool stuff!

Go to Out of Print now to check it out!

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Feb 9 '14

Top 5 Wizard Rock Songs (by Alex Carpenter)

If I’m adding to this list, I’d have to go slightly obscure and include “Don’t Wanna Be a DeathEater” by The Brothers Black. To my knowledge they only ever released 3 songs, but they are well produced, have charming lyrics, and Don’t Wanna Be is a fantastic dance song.

What song would you add to this list?

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Jan 28 '14

Check out the brand new EP by The Puffskein Experience!

Get it here.

And like TPE on facebook! 

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Jan 27 '14

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Jan 22 '14

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Jan 14 '14




Roswell, NM

Why I will always love Harry and the Potters Reason #42: These pictures

The day two Harry Potters hung out with some aliens.

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Jan 8 '14
Danny Dementor - I Wanna Be A Wizard (Featuring The Notorious NEV) (I Wanna Be A Wizard)


any time this comes on, my life immediately turns into a one person dance party.

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Jan 7 '14
Tianna and the Cliffhangers - Lily Evans, Feminist (Out of Character)


Lily Evans, Feminist by Tianna and the Cliffhangers

Tianna is currently fundraising to be able to take college courses in Copenhagen. If you donate any amount of money, you’ll get this entire awesome CD (“Out of Character”)!!! Click here to help her out - there’s only two weeks left!

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