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Feb 9 '14

Top 5 Wizard Rock Songs (by Alex Carpenter)

If I’m adding to this list, I’d have to go slightly obscure and include “Don’t Wanna Be a DeathEater” by The Brothers Black. To my knowledge they only ever released 3 songs, but they are well produced, have charming lyrics, and Don’t Wanna Be is a fantastic dance song.

What song would you add to this list?

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Jan 28 '14

Check out the brand new EP by The Puffskein Experience!

Get it here.

And like TPE on facebook! 

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Jan 22 '14

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Dec 23 '13

We are proud to announce the Deluxe edition of Back to the Burrow, featuring a ton of songs that we didn’t release on the original download 2 years ago. Now the compilation packs a gargantuan 25 wizard rock songs, from many great Wizard Rock bands. And, as always, all of the proceeds benefit the Harry Potter Alliance. Check out the trailer for it!


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Dec 17 '13


THE FREAKIN’ WIZARDS present “Save Ginny Weasley from Dean Thomas” By Harry and the Potters!

Last night we preformed 7 songs at the New Orleans Hogwarts Day Camp 1st Annual Yule Ball! The audience was 20 teenagers who didn’t give a shit about us, and did their best to play card games and ignore us! It was AWESOME.


  • Vocals: ERIN (me!)
  • Guitar: SLAG
  • Bass: JEFF
  • Drums: AURYN
  • Trombone: SUSAN


  1. Wizard Chess (Harry and the Potters): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lBFUK1caZk
  2. Do Right Wizard (Aretha and the Franklins): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Mgy4B99hGk
  3. Hagrid’s Song (Harry and the Potters): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIVBsQrw62Q
  4. New Wizard Anthem (Harry and the Potters): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLz5XvNl-gU

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Aug 29 '13

Dont miss the newest music video from KNiGHT BUS. You know you love you some.

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Aug 13 '13

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Aug 1 '13

I decided to start writing some more Wrock music. Listen to that here and Here

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May 7 '13

The Puffskein Experience is a semifinalist for LeakyStars 2013!  Go like the video to vote!  The top three go to PORTLAND!

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Apr 4 '13

The Puffskein Experience (tumblr | youtube | facebook)

Ravenclaw (Billionaire Parody)

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